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How To Be Happy And Stress Free | A Short Moral Story By Within You

Once a Sadhu Maharaj was staying at the house of one of his disciples. He was a very rich man, as he had many businesses, he had many servants in his house, everything was going well.

Sadhu Maharaj often used to come and stay at that disciple's house for a few days once in a year because there was a grand temple of the presiding deity where he used to visit often.

Therefore, whenever he came to visit the temple, he would stay in the house of his disciple for a few days, before that whenever Sadhu Maharaj came to that disciple's house, he used to see the disciple very excited and happy, but this time when Sadhu Maharaj While staying in his house, he realized that this disciple is very upset and worried these days.

Sadhu Maharaj asked the wife of this disciple, “What is the matter? Nowadays your husband is worried a lot”.

The wife said, “Yes, he is worried these days because he has a profit of 5 lakhs in business”.

Sadhu Maharaj said, “What is there to worry about, it is a matter of happiness that 5-lakh profit has been made.”

His wife smiled and said “Yes but if you ask him the reason for his concern, he will say that I am sad because I have lost 5 lakhs in business.

Sadhu Maharaj was surprised to hear this, he said “what happened? Initially you said that there has been a profit of 5 lakh, then you are saying that there has been a loss of 5 lakhs.

The disciple's wife laughed and said, "Yes Maharaj, I am absolutely right, my husband has both advantages and disadvantages together."

The monk said, "How can this happen?" The wife said, "My husband has suffered a loss of 5 lakhs because he expected the business to make a profit of 10 lakhs but he has only got 5 lakhs, so he is sad these days thinking about the loss and not about the profit of 5 lakh.”

Sadhu Maharaj found this thing strange, but when the disciple was sitting near Sadhu Maharaj in the evening, Maharaj asked him the reason for his concern. Then the disciple said, “what should I tell Guruji, I have lost 5 lakhs in my business. I expected a profit of 10 lakhs but profit was only 5 lakhs.”

Hearing this, Sadhu Maharaj smiled in his mind and started thinking that the attention of this person is not towards his profit of 5 lakhs but towards the loss of those 5 lakhs. Those 5 lakhs are only in his hopes and aspirations which were not really there.

Imagine that if that person had only expected a profit of 5 lakhs, would he be sad? And if he had expected a profit of only 2 lakhs and he would have got a profit of 5 lakhs, then he would have jumped with joy.

One thing is clear here that the cause of man's sorrow is his hopes and his aspirations.

People keep very high hopes and aspirations in their mind and when those hopes and aspirations are not fulfilled then the person becomes unhappy.

Keep in mind that the higher the expectation, the greater the dissatisfaction. The less expected, less dissatisfaction.

Let us hear another story in this context. Sukrant was such a great philosopher and knowledgeable person.

Often people from far away used to come to Sukrant with their many problems.

One such day, Sukrant was sitting outside his house when some people came to him to ask the answers of their questions.

Sukrant asked everyone to sit down and made his wife make tea for them.

After this, Sukrant went to his mind to talk with all of them.

After some time, the wife brought tea. The wife called him from behind to take Sukrant for tea.

But Sukrant did not listen. Wife called two or three more times to Sukrant. But Sukrant was very busy talking about the matter. The wife got so angry with Sukrant that she emptied the tea kettle over Sukrant's head.

Half of his face got burnt, but Sukrant suddenly stood up and started joining hands while looking at the sky.

Seeing all this, the people sitting around there got scared and asked Sukrant, “what happened?”

Sukrant said, “Nothing, half the face was saved from burning. That's why I am thanking God. The whole could also get burnt, but it was saved.”

Here Sukrant's attention was on his half-unburnt face. This is called positivethinking.

It means you should always be thankful for whatever you have or whatever is left.

Here Sukrant is completely different from the person in the first story. Where that person was unhappy about what he did not have.

On the other hand, Sukrant was happy that the half-face was not burnt. And thanking God who was saved from burning.

A person who lives not in dreams but in reality, can never remain unhappy. As well as such a person who has found the good in every bad situation and thanks God for every little thing, there is no one who is a more satisfied person in this world than him.

Every great human being has emphasized that Gratitude and Positive Thinking are such a great thing that if someone imbibes it, it can change his whole life.

It is our duty to express gratitude towards anything we have and it brings great abundance in your life. Practicing gratitude gives you peace from inside. Now, when you wake up in morning just do this one thing that - show your gratitude towards God for everything you have in your life. You have a good job, good car, good wife, good husband, good kids, good friends, good environment, whatever you have, just thank God for that because there are crores of people in this world who do not have what you have. Learn to be happy with what you have. If you are able to build this quality in your life then no one can make you unhappy.

But you cannot build this type of character overnight. It takes your time as well your effort.

The best habit to improve yourself and your thinking pattern in a positive way is reading such types of books.

I am going to suggest you two best books to improve yourself to be happy and increase abundance in your life.

1. The Power of Less
2. Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

These two books are going to help you in a great way to be happy in your life.

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