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Learn To Make People Depend On You Permanently By Finesse| A Short Motivational Story

A person even with less talent and less knowledge can get his work done by 100 intelligent people through his finesse. One man can change the world not by his knowledge but by his understanding capacity, cleverness and through finesse.

I am going to tell you a very beautiful real story as an example to behave cleverly.

The famous Spider King Louis from France, He was a famous and a strong king once upon a time. He had a small weakness that he believed in astrology a lot. And he had an astrologer in his court itself. And this king used to take the decision of anything only after he had done discussion with that astrologer.

Several times those decisions were helpful to that king. Therefore, the King was liking that astrologer very much.

But one day that astrologer predicted that “The queen will die after eight days from today.”

And even after millions of attempts to save the King's Queen, the Queen died exactly after eight days without any disease or without any health issues. The king was so confused that he was unable to decide what is right and what is wrong.

He felt that either this astrologer himself got the queen killed in order to make his prediction correct or if he is truly a great astrologer then dangerous to my throne. And finally, the King decided to kill that astrologer.

The king designs a conspiracy to kill that astrologer with his men. And he calls that astrologer to his palace’s top most floor’s room. He will tell his men that “When the astrologer comes in, throw him out the window when I signal you.”

The astrologer entered the room and asked the king for a reason to call him. The King speaks casually and he wastes a few minutes. When he decided to throw the astrologer out of the window, he just wanted to ask one more question to the astrologer. That is “You are a great astrologer and you can say everything about what is going to happen in future, and now tell me what is your future and when will your death come?”

The astrologer thinks deeply and then he says that “The King, I will die three days before you will die. I mean, I will die first and after 3 days you will die.”

The King collapsed on the floor upon hearing this. And the king started thinking that if he dies, I am going to die after 3 days.

And, the king didn’t give any signal to his men to throw the astrologer out of the window. And finally, the Astrologer survived.

The astrologer was not only an astrologer but also a finesse face reader. He read the mind of the King by reading his face. The astrologer came to know that suppose if he had not said that “I will die three days before when you will die”, sure the king was going to kill him.

That's why Astrologer played the game so cleverly that if the king has to live, then the astrologer also has to live. The king can't kill that astrologer even if he wants to kill him. It's called smart.

Man will not become great by his knowledge but sure he will become great by his prudence.

Treat your life as a game of chess that the player in front gets so caught up in trying to beat you, as if he has thought of killing you, a thought must come to his mind that - If I kill him, then later I have to regret and I am going loose.

If you are able to make a person to depend on you, then this is a great power and you can easily control that person. There should be your need such that no one can replace you. Do something like that if you are removed, it is the loss of the other person.

Always be important. So, learn to make people depend on you permanently. This is one of the laws of 48 laws from the book called – The 48 Laws Of Power (The Modern Machiavellian Robert Greene).

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