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Your Eyes Will Fill With Tears After Hearing This Story | Inspirational Story

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This is the story of a poor father and his daughter. Once the poor man took his daughter from her school to an expensive hotel in the city. The man was wearing tattered clothes and his daughter was wearing her school uniform.

When both of them reached inside the hotel, the waiter asked, Sir, what would you like to eat, tell me your order. Then that person said that you just bring a plate of pav bhaji for my daughter.

The waiter said, Sir, you will not take anything? Bring something for you too? So the poor man said, nothing for me, today is a party for my daughter. I had promised her that “if you will top in 10th class in this district, I will give you a party in the most expensive hotel”, so you just brought pav bhaji for the child.

As soon as the waiter heard this, he ran to his boss and said that "sir, I have a small request from you that you should deduct money from my salary, but today I want that, along with that girl, her father should also be fed a plate of pav bhaji because that girl has topped the 10th class in the entire district. He is a poor father, and there will not be much money, so he is saying only to bring it for the baby girl.

When the owner of the hotel heard this, he said with a smile, "you take pav bhaji for her father, take it for her too, don't take money, get 4-5 pav bhaji packed and take 2-3 kg of sweets. Go and tell them that this party is from the hotel, you take these sweets and celebrate."

When the waiter took 2 plates of pav bhaji, the person was shocked and said that I had asked for only one, and I do not have money. The waiter said, "Hey sir, don't be embarrassed, this party is from the hotel, your daughter, our daughter has topped. Take these sweets and celebrate."

Father and daughter got happy and left.

Many years have passed, and the daughter of that poor father had now become a collector after preparing for UPSC, and coincidentally she was posted in the same city. And she informed the same hotel in which she celebrated her birthday party when she was small that "I am coming there for lunch."

When the owner of the hotel heard this, he decorated the hotel completely. This thing spread completely in the village and all the people of the town started coming to see her.

The collector reached that hotel with her father. The collector told the owner of the hotel that "you may not recognize me, we are the same father and daughter who had given me a party after topping our 10th class. And now we have come again today and today we will give a party to you, your entire staff because you have respected poverty."

The party you gave that day, told me how much more height I have to reach, and how much more destination I have to touch. You gave me new inspiration. And today I have come to repay the favor of that inspiration. She was saying all this and tears were flowing from her eyes.

This story teaches us never to make fun of a poor person. If possible, help him and if you can't help, don't make fun of him because God is watching everything. If you want to be, be good in his eyes. Wherever you live, do something that the world wants to do like you.