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19 Tips for Weight Loss That Actually Work

19 Tips for Weight Loss That Actually Work

  1. Eat Slowly
  2. Enjoy the Food You Eat
  3. Keep a Daily Gratitude
  4. JournalBatch Cook and Prep
  5. Don’t Skip Meals
  6. Get Enough Sleep
  7. Don’t Forget the Weight Lift
  8. Stay Hydrated
  9. Cut Calories, Not Flavor
  10. Weigh Yourself Once a Week
  11. Reorganize Your Plate
  12. Start Where You Are and Do What You Can
  13. Think Big — Not Small
  14. Give Your Breakfast a Protein Boost
  15. In Fact, Consume Protein at Every Meal
  16. Limit High-Glycemic Carbohydrate Foods
  17. Experiment With Fruits at Dessert Time
  18. Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper
  19. Make a Grocery List and Stick to It