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Why Do Maximum People Fail In Achieving Their Goals ? | A Short Motivational Story

A kind king leaves the royal court to visit the city. When he comes to the royal court in the evening, he gets blisters on his feet. He immediately orders his people to cover the entire village road with velvet.

The people are surprised and think that how much money will it take to cover such a big village with velvet, how can we ask for so much money from the king?

The people in the village said to the minister, “Can you tell the solution for all these things? Can you speak to the king about this problem? Because the king has given the order, but how can we ask the king for money?

So, the minister, the head of the people came to the king and asked the king, “My highness may I know why you took this decision, would you please tell me?

The king says, “When I went out for a city tour, I got blisters on my feet from many small pebbles and stones on the road. And, I do not want any person in our city to face this problem which I faced on our village roads.”

That minister is very smart, he smiles at the king and says, “ Oh my highness, is it really necessary to invest such a huge amount on making the velvet road in our villages?”

And the minister says again, “Do you really think that it is necessary to invest in crores for such a small thing? I have a better idea to save the money as well as the solution for that problem.”

The king said, “Really? Will you please explain it?”

Now the minister says, “King, it would be better if we make velvet shoes instead of making velvet roads all over the village and would distribute velvet shoes to the whole city. The problem will be solved at a low cost.”

The king pondered over this matter and finally implemented the words of the minister. The king ordered the entire people of his kingdom to make only shoes.

And finally, the problem was solved at a low budget without burdening the people.

Friends what lesson we are going to understand from this inspirational story?

That is, a hasty decision is always not good. This is the root cause for the failures of 90% of people because the hasty decision is always wrong and they always make decisions in haste.

The one who ponders before taking a decision will always make the right decision.

So, friends, whether it may be in your personal life or it may be in your professional life, when you make a decision think wisely and also smartly but not in haste.

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