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The 3 Important Life Lesson That Ravana Told Lakshmana | A Short Success Lesson From Ramayan

At the time when Ravana was in a dying state, Lord Shri Ram told Lakshmana that a great pundit of politics and power is departing from this world, you go to him and take some life lessons from him which no one else can give you.

Listening to Shri Ram, Lakshmana went to Ravana and stood near the head of Ravana lying in a dying state. Ravana did not say anything.

Lakshma came back to Lord Shri Ram. Then Lord Shri Ram said that if one wants to get knowledge from someone, then one should stand near his feet and not towards his head.

Hearing this, Lakshmana again went and stood at the feet of Ravana this time.

At that time Mahapandit(pundit ) Ravana satisfied with the Lakshmana's attitude and told three things to Lakshmana which are the keys to success in life:

Now let us know what are those three important things one should know to get success in life.

1. The first thing that Ravana told Lakshmana was good work should be done as soon as possible and inauspicious should be avoided as much as possible (i.e., Shubhasya shighram). I could not recognize Shri Ram and delayed coming to his shelter, that's why I got this condition.

2. The second thing is that you should never consider your opponent or your enemy smaller than yourself, I have forgotten this. What I thought of as ordinary apes and bears destroyed my entire army. When I asked Brahmaji for the boon of immortality, I had said that no one could kill me except man and monkey, because I despised man and monkey. That was my mistake.

3. Finally the third and last thing that Ravana told Lakshmana was if there is any secret of your life, then you should not tell anyone. Here too I missed it because Vibhishana knew the secret of my death. This was the biggest mistake of my life.

Keep these things in your mind and keep remembering them from time to time to get success and not to be defeated by anyone.

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